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Photo Styling is a specialty service for realtors, builders and home lovers who want to capture the best points of interest in their homes through quick staging and photography. Interior Changes provides quality photos for both web pages and print.

Staging is a design service that begins with a primary consultation. Once the scope of your project has been determined, Interior Changes will recommend the alterations needed to make your space become more marketable, more comfortable, more functional, & more like home

Full Service Staging could include anything from a simple paint change to remodeling an area of your home. This service is offered to new home buyers who want to determine the potential for their new home, as well as for seasoned homeowners who want to make the most of their current space. 

photo gallery/ before and after

These are the actual posted realtor "before" photos.
The "after" photos have been photo styled by Interior Changes.



Large windows can pose a photography problem in many homes.  Interior Changes home design will bring out the best qualities of your home through photo styling.


Outdated accessories are easy to upgrade. Interior Changes home design will alter the complete look of your room by focusing on the assets of your space.


Realtors don't always capture the best angle of a room. Interior Changes home design will enhance your suite by revealing the living style that buyers are looking for. ter

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Lighting can cause many problems when photographing a room. Interior Changes home design will adjust for these difficulties and expose the best comforts of your home.



Washed out rooms in pictures make seeing the details difficult. Interior Changes home design will highlight the best ammenities of your room so that nothing gets missed.


Too many small items can "cause a pause" and stop a viewer from seeing the potential of a room. Interior Changes home design will remove the visual clutter and present your house in an timeless way.


Focusing too much attention on the floor or the ceiling can make a room appear cold. Interior Changes home design will step back and find the best angle to showcase your room, revealing the cozy and inviting.


Photographing a full run of cabinets can make a kitchen appear small. Interior Changes home design will rearrange accessories and highlight your kitchen in a new way.


Outdoor spaces should be considered as open air rooms. Interior Changes home design will shift and fluff your furnishings to get the best living appeal before snapping a shot.


Revealing life in a room helps to sell the space to a motivated onlooke. Interior Changes home design will make your house feel like home to every potential home buyer.


Empty rooms are difficult to figure out. Interior Changes home design will place furnishings and adjust the camera angle to make a vacant space come alive.



Realtors can have a difficult time presenting the full amount of space in one push of a button. Interior Changes home design will use a wide angle lens to accent the actual space potential of your home.


The first impression will either draw a potential buyer in or turn them off.  Interior Changes will focus on the positive aspects of your home and tone down the possible conflicts of an area.


Paying extra attention to texture and color is very important for the best online impression. Interior Changes home design will adjust the visual lines and present your home in the most amazing light.


Fuzzy photos and washed out lighting make a picture univiting. Interior Changes home design will pay attention to all the special features of your home and capture them in a crisp photo.


Fun splashes of color can be an obstacle in a photograph, even when they add cheer in real living. Interior Changes home design can help you tone down the accents to reveal the best view when photographing your room.


Standing at one end of the hall or choosing the opposite end can make all the difference! Interior Changes home design will select the best view of your home and make it look great!

Interior Changes styles the rooms that are photographed and then enhances the photography with accent lighting and wider camera angles. Decluttering and redesign are often recommended before the actual photos are taken. The majority of these homes were "photo ready". Quick staging and photography were all that was needed to bring out the best features of the homes shown. Beth Welsh of Interior Changes home design offers everything that a homeowner needs to help showcase their property.  Realtors and homeowners alike can benefit from this staging service.



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