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We've worked with several designers over the years and have found Beth to be exceptional. It's been a marvelous experience...on a five point scale we rate Beth a six!  Beth began by getting to know us and then exploring the various decorating style we like.  She then helped us to make our house into a comfortable and cozy home.  She was amazingly efficient keeping us on track.  She always gave us her truthful opinion and when she shared her opinion it was based on sound decorating principles.  She was great at settling decorating disputes between my husband and me, while helping us both feel like winners.  We learned much about decorating from Beth, which has helped us to be more confident in our choices.  Beth has a fun, quirky and easy-going personality. My husband and I loved working with her.

B. Gibson, Lake Geneva

Beth Welsh of Interior Changes sees your project through from start to finish. Whether it be one room or a whole house, there is no end to her creativity in design, color scheme, and decorating.....she does it all. I love her work. When we put two additions on to our home she designed both of them. She understood what my desires were and went with it from start to finish. Her creativity is endless and she helped me to think "outside the box". The results were fabulous. I love her work.
L. Paddock, Sugar Creek

Our home won the Parade of Homes in 2011. Yes, our builder was fantastic. But Beth Welsh of Interior Changes added so much more to the process and end result. She worked with us in the very beginning at the house building stage and provided some very useful insight as to layout and design. Beth really learned who we are and what we wanted (including our preferred style) and assisted us every step of the way in planning our interior design. During the selection process of choosing tiles, flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc., she provided invaluable advice. And, when we got tired of it all she went through our entire home and selected every paint color - information which we have had to share with many people since as she did such a fantastic job!
We have been involved in numerous new-build projects over the past decade but this was by far the easiest and most satisfying due to Beth's involvement. I cannot say more than she is the best you will find - in every aspect!

K. Grant, Fontana

Beth started with us at the blueprint stage of our home which was amazing! She really saw some major issues and made comon sense changes that saved us and made such a difference in our home. Beth is all about making what you love work together in ways you would never imagine! Her easy going personality and knowledge will put you at ease in making your decisions! Color, scale of furnishings, trim detail,lighting, flooring, siding, stonework patterns,using unique resources to make your project unique to you! This was a year project and I could go on and on ,but the bottom line is you can put your house in her hands and the end result will be your beautiful home. Trust her you will not be disappointed! We love our new home!!!! Thank you Beth!

C. Wolff, Lake Geneva,
Beth listens to what you want and then delivers far beyond what you could have ever imagined on your own. She works with what you have and makes it work OR changes it to the new look you dreamed of. Her design vision is not what is in vogue now but what is classic so you will love it in 10 years just as much as you do right after it is done. She has given us advice in several remodel experiences and I can't say how much we have loved whatever she has suggested. Probably because she does the research to think ahead of what we would love to include BEFORE the work actually starts.... that alone will save you time and money! Beth is the best in her field with her eye for beauty and practicality and I feel confident recommending her to all my family and friends.

M. Handel. Elkhorn,

Beths' knack for color schemes are wonderful. She designed our new kitchen. We have had so many compliments on our kitchen and we owe it all to her. She also helped pick out colors when we painted our house. We were not sure what colors would look good and thanks to her we have a beautiful home.

T. Boeger, ELkhorn

Beth Welsh of Interior Changes, is extremly knowledgeable in design, she asks the right questions so she can get a feel for the message you want to send to others who enter your home. Her ideas are fresh, and the finishing touches are amazing. I am very happy with the help she gave my husband and I.  Beth is very easy to work with - I would certainly recommend her for your next project.

B. Millard, Big Bend




Beth has the ability to both see what can be done in your space, and to communicate that vision to you. We have used her services over the past 11+ years more times than I can count, in both our home and in our church. I have notebooks full of her quick sketches that helped me to see what she saw and planned. She quickly figured out the perfect way to reconfigure the second floor of our Victorian home from a separate apartment into bedrooms for our now one-family home, and how to bump out a wall in our kitchen to give us more space. She helped us see how to "recycle" bits and pieces of the home into other spaces. Old kitchen cabinet doors from upstairs were added to the re-designed kitchen downstairs; the leaded glass upstairs dining room built-in cabinet came downstairs into the pantry; the old claw-footed bathtub that no one saw upstairs is now beautifully in use in the main floor bathroom; an old built-in dresser is what was a downstairs bedroom was built up and over and is a striking bar in what is now a pub. She helped pick the colors in every room in our house, and I never get tired of the views from room to room. She is practical-minded.  She knows how to match your home to your personality. She knows where to go to get what you need, and has great taste.

M. Koss, Elkhorn

Even when you are not sure what you want, you can start out with something as simple as color. Beth is remarkable with her eye for color and first helped me when picking colors for the exterior of the house. We were getting a new roof and I consulted with her for color. I have to say I would never have considered picking the color she suggested but after changing the trim and roof color, the house looked completly updated!! I then was able to use her expertise with all the rooms in my house. It is unbelievable what something as little as color can do for a home. I have been able to see many of the projects Beth has worked on and I must say she is just amazing! She has the ability to visualize potential for a space and use it wisely. She listens to you and because of her extensive knowledge she is able to suggest things that can even help the average person with any budget. One word of caution, be aware that once you get started, you will love your home so much you can't wait to get going on the next project

M. Breese, Houston